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  • 4/11/2013

    Site Re-Design Complete!

    The new site redesign is ready just in time for the roll out! Take a look around and see whats happenig at Chafunkta and don't forget the release party Thursday April 11th at Barley Oak in Mandeville!

  • 4/10/2013

    Article on the release @ TheAleRunner


  • 3/28/2012

    TTB Paperwork Submitted!!

    Today (March 27, 2012) was a BIG day for us at  CBC.  We officially submitted our TTB (Trade & Tax Bureau) paperwork with our new name to the Feds!  Now we wait for the approval process to take its' course.  The good news is since the TTB has moved to an online permit process, that approvals are quicker than the old snail mail process.  The bad news is the TTB has been bombarded with new applications over the past 2 years, so that could contribute to delays.  So for now we're crossing our fingers and hoping for the best, so make sure you come back to the site for any updates we have over the next few weeks!  Cheers CBC fans!! smiley

  • 3/24/2012

    Zapps International Beerfest is Today!!

    Come out and see us and sample some Chafunkta Brew at the 2012 Zapps International Beerfest!! We'll have your favorite Old 504 Vanilla Coffee Robust Porter and Voo Ka Ray Imperial IPA, so come get some before we run out! This Beerfest also has a limited number of tickets, so make sure and get yours now while you can! For more info check out:

  • 3/23/2012 is now LIVE!!


    Yes, it's official CBC fans, our new website is finally LIVE!!  A very special thanks goes out to our webmaster guru, HiGrav Shawn, as he's been burning the midnight oil the past few weeks getting the site up and running.  Also thanks goes out to Sammy whose artwork is AWESOME!  So make sure and bookmark us so you don't miss any exciting news from the CBC Crew!!  Cheers!!